Best interior design ideas to sell your property better

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When it comes to selling your own home, it is the first impression that is most important. Everything needs to look not only perfect but also feel perfect to impress the potential buyers.
Spring is a good time to sell your home so if you plan to take advantage of the spring sales then it is important to give your home the best chance of bringing in new buyers, did you know interior designs play a big role here?

Here are a few top tips to sell your home faster using interior design:

Being your own critic

You can start by casting your own eye over the home. Think about the requirements and the tastes of the people who might buy your home. If your home is more designed for families then ensure you have family-friendly interior designs and attractive wall finishes and if you are rolling solo in a small home better for couples or single people, then ensure your interior designs and décor matches that.

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Just by giving your home a fresh coat of paint can do wonders. If you have bright controversial covers the paint can hide this which will only restrict the potential buyer’s vision for the property. This could also increase the possibility of better responses during online property sales. Repainting with the right choice of colours will attract more buyers and increase your chances of being visible.

New flooring

If you have carpet that is pulled and looks tatty then replaces it. If you have small budget choosing a cheap carpet is better than the clients coming through seeing new carpet than the old dirty, tatty stuff. If you wish to revamp your whole design, consider marble tiles as your tile replacement choice. These are big in the market at the moment and most home buyers are picky about how the choice of flooring is done and more often than not keep an eye out for marble flooring. These are known to be of really good quality, that is adaptable to climate changes and gives the house an overall rich and sophisticated look.

Do some decluttering

Ensure you are making use of all the wardrobe space, drawers by taking out the clutter and storing it here. This will open the home up more and give more room for people to use their imagination. If you have places to store furniture, then consider storing a few pieces of furniture to create a more spacious feel to the room.


If you have been in your home for several years or more then you will have made the house your home. Eliminate your own personal effects so your place can now be envisioned by the potential buyers themselves. For example, you may have preferred a vintage matte finish for your flooring, whereas most home hunters in the market prefer a shiny finish to their flooring. Give your vintage vibe concrete floors a polish, in order to make it ready and in time for quick sales.

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You can accessorise your home to feel warm and comforting. Going for colour palettes will allow the rooms to flow into each other creating a cohesive feel to each room. Inject some colour via fresh flowers, green plants and magazines on the coffee table give off a homely feel. Touch upon the interior design of the house. Some colours on the walls are always better than an empty home with all white walls. Adding a personalised touch to it can always make the buyers feel at home and connect with it during the first inspection itself.

Soft furnishings

Using luxury brands if your budget allows can make a difference.  It is the quality effect that makes the soft furnishings important. Worn cushions or marked items should be replaced so the potential new owners can feel a sense of pride. Necessary furnishing in the house, such as dishwasher, washing machine, etc., if any, should be filled with the best of brands. This will definitely be an investment as a home buyer will be willing to pay more for value. Consider branded options for home furnishing for better returns in the future. You will not be disappointed with the results.

Lighting it up

Homes need to have plenty of bright light. The more natural light you can add to home the better. Decent lighting can make a home feel spacious and fresh. Invest in some bright lights for maximum benefit. Make sure the lighting in your kitchen is worked on well for easy access as well as an extra shine reflecting of your kitchen terrazzo slabs. The right choice of lighting will always attract more buyers towards your property as it serves as an assurance that they need not worry about any additional lighting work and entirely changes the vibe of the house.

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Fresh scents throughout

The use of scented candles and diffusers within your home is important. Bear in mind that complex scents tend to throw off the thoughts of the buyer, so it is recommended to go with fresh, simple scents like vanilla, orange, pine and lemon. Ensure that not many diffusers are placed around in the house, especially within smaller areas as the house would seem very stuffy. Interested buyers would mostly take their decision as soon as they step into the house. You would not want to put them off. Hence choose subtle and light scents to go around the house in the right places.

Staging your home

Go over your home again and again so you can stage it to look like a staged home. This will allow potential buyers to be proud of owning the home. Even if you’re providing an unfurnished apartment for sale, make sure that the apartment or the house is staged with the right furniture around so that potential buyers can get an idea as to how the house is going to look after the complete move has been done. A staged house always sells better than an empty house. You want your interested buyers to dream of a life in the house instead of just merely inspecting the empty space.